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  Prior to the audit, suppliers complete a Self-Assessment.在审计之前,供应商完成了自我评估。

  The objective is to introduce them to the practicalities of the BSCI Code and to prepare them for the audit.其目的是向他们介绍BSCI认证行为守则的实用性,他们准备的审计。

  During this phase, we encourage suppliers to attend an Awareness Raising Workshop on BSCI implementation.在这个阶段,我们鼓励供应商参加一次提高认识研讨会BSCI的实施。

  Initial Audit: providing the transparency 初次审核:提供的透明度

  The initial audit aims to assess the performance of a supplier against the BSCI Code of Conduct.初步审计,旨在评估对BSCI认证行为守则的供应商的表现。

  Repeated every three years, the initial audit includes an inspection of the site, a thorough examination of company records and private interviews of a sample of employees to better understand the daily situation in the factory.重复,每隔三年,初步审计,包括现场检查,彻底检查公司的员工样本,以便更好地了解在工厂的日常情况的记录和私下会见。

  The Corrective Action Plans 纠正行动计划

  If an initial audit shows non-compliances with the BSCI Code, the auditor prepares Corrective Action Plans (CAPs).初步审核,如果不遵守BSCI行为守则,核数师准备纠正行动计划(CAPS)。

  The CAPs record which measures must be implemented and set a deadline for all requirements to be completed.出场记录哪些措施必须落实,并设定最后期限,所有要完成的要求。

  Corrective actions for the best practices for industry remain voluntary.为行业的最佳做法的纠正措施仍然是自愿的。

  Advanced Workshops are offered during this phase to support suppliers tackle specific challenges.提供高级讲习班在这个阶段,以支持供应商解决的具体挑战。

  Re-Audit: measuring the improvement 测量的改善重新审核:

  Within twelve months after the initial audit, a re-audit must take place to check that all corrective actions have been implemented.重新审核的初步审核后十二个月内,必须采取检查所有的纠正措施已经实施的地方。

  If a company is still non-compliant, a second re-audit can take place.如果一家公司仍然是不符合规定的,第二次重新审核才能进行。

  If a company is still non-compliant after a second audit and no measurable improvement is visible, we encourage participants to reconsider their relations with that supplier.如果一家公司仍然是不符合规定的第二次审计后,并没有可测量的改善是可见的,我们鼓励参与者重新考虑与该供应商的关系。

  All suppliers who successfully comply with the BSCI Code of Conduct are encouraged to pass the SA8000 certification, which BSCI considers as its best practice.鼓励通过SA8000认证,BSCI的最佳实践认为所有供应商成功地遵守BSCI行为守则。


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